The students in the Hialeah Middle School Magnet Band Program will learn to be fundamentally sound musicians. Magnet band students will be in both an ensemble band class as well as a music theory class. In music theory, students will have the opportunity to learn how to read and compose their own music. The basic concepts of band class are learned in music theory and applied to each student’s instrument of choice. Students will be exposed to music performance techniques such as sight reading, scale study and intonation techniques. Students will embrace a challenging repertoire that will develop their musical proficiency. They will have the opportunity to work in full ensemble settings as well as small ensemble or sectional settings, giving each student the individual attention that they need to develop as young musicians. Through district assessments, community performances and small ensemble work, students will be given the opportunity to display their talent and growth at a variety of showcases throughout the school year.


Students in the Hialeah Middle School Magnet Dance Program will receive intense technical training in dance, choreography, and performance.  Students will receive instruction in ballet, modern and jazz techniques with an emphasis placed on alignment, posture, and range of motion.  In addition to the technical dance instruction, students will also receive training in dance history, kinesiology, world dance and dance careers.  Students will have performance opportunities ranging from informal class performances to student choreography showcases.  After the completion of the three-year magnet dance program, students will be given the foundation needed to be prepared to audition for a high school magnet dance program. 


Students in the Hialeah Middle School Magnet Program for Visual Arts will explore 2-D and 3-D art through a variety of media and subject matter. Students will master basic drawing fundamentals in still life, landscape and portraiture. Painting media will include tempera paint, watercolor and acrylic paint. Visual art students will study art history and learn about the progression of art through time. Students will have opportunities to share their creative works in district exhibitions and contests throughout the school year.


Students who attend the Hialeah Middle School Theatre Magnet Program will be provided with a rigorous and well-structured program which trains students in all aspects of performance and technical theatre.  Students will receive training in areas such as acting techniques, musical theatre, playwriting, design, technical theatre, directing, voice & movement, pantomime, stage combat, and improvisation.  Students will be able to showcase their training through many productions.  Performances will range from one-acts to full length shows.  Students will be able to use the techniques learned in the theatre magnet program as a foundation to continue on the path of being on the stage professionally. 
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